Do you believe in God the father almighty
Creator of heaven and earth?
Do you believe in Jesus Christ
His only son, our Lord?
Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?
The church?
Life everlasting?
Do you believe? Do you really?
Can you believe? Can you really?
How do you do it?
Why do we do it?
How do you pull this off?
Why is it that what I need most
Is what always gets away?

Do you believe in the tie that binds
That holds us all together?
Can you believe that something out there exists
Far over the horizon?
True love?
Why do you believe? Tell me why!
How can you believe? Tell me how!
Why don’t you tell me?
Why can’t you talk to me?
All I want to do is believe
Why is it when I need you most
You’re always running away?