I walk with well-faked confidence
While internally I shed my own tears
It’s amazing how I’ve figured out nothing
After all these heart-torn years
I’ve tried to be myself
I’ve tried being someone else
But year after year I fail
And put myself through hell

And so I look back on all the things I’ve felt
I don’t think there’s any way to escape
And so the pressure builds, pushed me to the edge
How many times can one heart break?

So I pray with well-learned confidence
If God can’t help me, then tell me just who can
It’s strange how much one can by hurt
It’s hard for someone like me to stand
I’ve tried to be friendly
I’ve tried to have a heart
But as a social outcast
I know not where to start

And now I’m feeling all the things I feel
My heart filling with all the fear and hate
I try as I might for some way to get out
How many times can one heart break?