Don’t be afraid to hurt me
It’s happened to me before
Don’t be afraid to leave
You can just close the door

Hopefully in the end I’ll be okay

I’m not afraid of pain
I’m not afraid of you
My life will go on
It’s all I can do

Hopefully in the end I’ll be okay

The poem didn’t mean a thing
Everything I’ve told you was wrong
You can walk away tonight
I’ll just write another sad song

But does that make it okay?

Does it?

You could’ve at least called
Could’ve been honest up front
What ever did I do to you
But give you endless love?

Scott Bradford has been building web sites and using them to say what he thinks since 1995, which tended to get him in trouble with power-tripping assistant principals at the time. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from George Mason University, but has spent most of his career (so far) working on public- and private-sector web sites. He is not a member of any political party, and brands himself an ‘independent constitutional conservative.’ In addition to holding down a day job and blogging about challenging subjects like politics, religion, and technology, Scott is also a devout Catholic, gun-owner, bike rider, and music lover with a wife, two cats, and a dog.