I remember a myth of everafter
A lie they told us in our youth
They couldn’t bear to regale us
With the cold hard truths
So they spun their web of laughter
And told us that we’d be okay
Yet in the end it came so clear
There was much more to say

In the burning cold nights of December
When we huddled so close in the dark
We spoke of our futures, the light in our eyes
A thought-insatiable spark
But as the world crept in on our lifetime
The light slowly faded to dust
Perhaps in the end we’ll open our eyes
I think that, now, we must

I remember the light in our eyes
As we theorized late in the night
Somehow sometimes I wonder
How had we been right?
And now we’re the ones spinning the lies
Spinning those webs of laughter
How is it that we’ve been entrapped
By the stories of life everafter?