Remember the light in the castle?
Somehow that style now seems lost
The lofty sincerity is gone
Buried in a layer of frost
Personal problems find vent
In these lyrics that I wrote
So I’ve sacrificed my clarity
In a style that now seems choked

Do you like it like this?
Am I wrong to think aloud?
Please don’t extinguish the light
Don’t let me fall from misty clouds

Deliverance comes from afar
In haikus and sonnets I refuse to write
The timely brevities lost
A refusal to face the light
So count your syllables
Double-check your rhymes
And put up with this song
I’ve written oh so many times

Do you like it like this?
Have you learned to think aloud?
Do not be afraid of the light
That bathes the misty clouds

In blessed finality the bell strikes
An unattainable thirteenth hour
Clocks chiming in endless harmony
On what blame shall we place the power
Humble thoughts of greener grass
Grow deeper and deeper still
Think of where we’d all be
In unity, if looks could kill

But do you like it like this?
Have I been thinking all too loud
Is there really any light
Amongst these misty clouds