a) Five Minutes Later

Well f### you too
It isn’t my life
What’s best for you doesn’t matter
As long as you’re happy
Or at least think you are
So think you love the bastard
This he’s what you need
This of me as just a friend
As long as you think of me

Well f### you too
I do not care
It isn’t worth it anymore
I no longer have the will
To hold back these tears
I’ve been hiding for you

b) Two Hours Later

But I’m thinking a little clearer now
Only a little bit
And I know nothing has changed
The songs will never change
Your heart will never change
I can never change
Because you’re so beautiful
Because I need you so
And yet he has your heart
Selfish; he doesn’t care for you
As long as he’s happy
And thinks you’ll keep him that way

I’m too damned tired
And there are no second chances
Anymore ~

c) One Hour After That

And I dream those words are true
But somehow you know they aren’t
And I’ll keep opening this door for you
Until I can force myself to stop
Or you walk in —

I wish I could stop
Why can’t I stop?

d) The Next Day

It doesn’t matter anymore
What you think of me
I really couldn’t care less
But somehow, I know I’m lying
Because you effect me so
You hurt me so
Are you addicted to leading me on?

I could pretend you don’t matter
Pretend I don’t care
Pretend that everything is okay
But you know it’s bulls###
Because you are the BS queen
These free-verse songs
Are running together in my head
And I know that you don’t care