Silhouettes in the cold evening air
Drift silently towards the light
And we look unto the setting sun
As the brightness turns into night
Can this time of thoughtlessness
Equal these, our inborn truths?
Can we mirror the innocence
The mistakes of nearsighted youth?

Vapor trails in the cold night air
Converge upon a faint point of fact
Lost memories from childhood, so far
And it seems as if something still lacks
The sun is set and time seems gone
Once more we’ve forgotten our aim
Can we mirror the innocence
Of a people once deemed insane?

Silhouettes in the cold night air
Drift silently among the reeds
The setting sun calls us to action
But can it fulfill all those needs?
Will time level our idle thoughts
Urged forth by the will of the gun?
The faces of heroes now forgotten
Silhouetted by tonight’s now-set sun