I walked around this desert place
Tired of running the Human Race
After all of the pain
It’ll still be just the same

So tear the songs from the notebook
Try to mend this broken heart
As long as I’ve tried and failed
Have I ever played the right part?

I walked around this desert place
Saw the coldness in your face
And after all of the tears
I still hold the same old fears

And if the signs weren’t clear
Then fine, ignore them like you do
Make me question everything
I ever thought I knew

I opened the door to my heart
And you walked away
Well the door’s still open and it’s drafty
And all I have left is the cold
I caught from you

No photographs, just memories
No tomorrows, just yesterday
And you laugh as the flashbulb
Captures the pain and the anger
Bottles it up for you to drink
Later on
Later on
And you have that, yeah, you have that
You came out clean with something left over
But all I have left is the cold
The only thing left is this cold
The cold I caught
From you