I can’t seem to make sense of this anymore
I can’t seem to make things even out
I can’t seem to understand this feeling
Don’t know what it’s all about
You know I can see all this beauty all around me
I see it all around

But it’s too far to reach
They’re standing too far away
And I’m tired and I don’t know what to say
So I stand here on the outside
Wondering why I waste the time
Wondering why I try

I try to be just what you’ve always wanted
I try to make you happy

“Hey wait, it’s supposed to be a happy song”
I can sing how I want
“Hey wait, you’re supposed to still love me anyway”
Yeah, f### you
“Hey! Don’t be talking like that to me”
Hey! Don’t be lying like that to me
Don’t lie to me
Don’t tell me you never lied to me!
I told you don’t ever lie to me!

And so f### you if you wanted a happy ending
Well f### you if you don’t like angry songs
If you want to hear a happy ending, well
Write it yourself
Write it yourself!
And hope I don’t come in and f### it up
Like you did for me

So call me bitter, I don’t care
Tell me I’ve lost my sweetness
I’m not myself
Tell me what you want, but I’m not stupid
And if I don’t seem to care what you say
It’s okay
Because I’m busy building a wall
Strong enough and tall enough
To keep the inhumans like you . . . out