The Wall St. Journal today published the transcript from a speech that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld delivered on Monday at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. I hope you’ll give it a serious read.

Rumsfeld doesn’t ignore the criticisms of the war or the difficulties we (and the Iraqi people) are facing, but—unlike most media and politicians—he also addresses some of the positive things that are happening. You don’t have to agree with Rumsfeld, but I hope the liberals among you will at least read this and consider what he said rather than screaming “RUMSFELD EVIL; NO WAR FOR OIL.”

The picture he paints of what’s happening in Iraq is neither the ‘fire and brimstone’ hyperbole repeated ad nauseam by the left and mainstream media, nor is it the ‘rainbows and butterflies’ line of the irrational right. In fact, based on everything I’ve seen from politicians on both sides, this is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to reality—which, like always, falls somewhere in-between.

  • ‘Do Some Soul Searching’ (Wall St. Journal; free email subscription may be required).