Honcho 2

Jeep J-10 'Honcho'
Jeep J-10 ‘Honcho’

After many years of wishing and longing, I have now obtained a classic Jeep J-10 pickup, which is in the process of being restored and rebuilt by Hardcore Hot Rods in Sterling, Virginia. When complete, this will be a reliable workhorse, not a show-car, and it will be spectacular.


Subaru Outback
Subaru Outback 2.5i

Our Subaru Outback is the family workhorse. With all-wheel-drive and plenty of space, it goes wherever I tell it to and hauls whatever we put in (or on) it. It’s a no-frills, practical, solid car that does its job and does it well

Big Mini

Countryman Side
Mini Countryman S All4

We retired the Honda Civic, the first car we ever bought new, and replaced it with the moderately versatile (and incredibly fun to drive) Mini Countryman. It’s a great little car and, unlike the rest of the Mini product line, has all-wheel drive and enough space for four human beings.

This is mainly Melissa’s car, but I end up driving it now and then.

  • Model: 2012 Mini Countryman Cooper S All4
  • Color: Cosmic blue metallic
  • Mechanical:
  • Specifications:
    • Rated at 181 hp, 192 lb-ft torque
    • 23 MPG city, 30 MPG highway (EPA estimates)
    • Curb weight: 3,208 lbs (17.7 lbs/hp)
  • Manufacture:
  • Customization:
    • Reprogrammed daytime running lights
    • Reprogrammed automatic moonroof and window functions
    • Reprogrammed double-flash hazard lights
    • Removed speedometer fudge factor

Car Predecessors

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