To this, I say duh. My Mercury Sable was totaled by a Jeep Wrangler in a low-speed crash, and my poor Cirrus was done $3,000 worth of damage in a low-speed crash with a Ford SUV (which came out undamaged).

It’s nice that somebody is finally calling attention to the fact that SUV and car bumpers do not line up, and that is a BIG PROBLEM. Kudos to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for finally noticing.

Car bumpers are required by federal standards to extend from 16 to 20 inches from the ground. SUV bumpers have no standard whatsoever. Come on, let’s be consistent about it! Unless you can certify that your particular SUV or truck will be used for Farm Use or that it will not be used for general road transportation, the bumpers should have to follow the same standard as other on-road passenger vehicles.

  • Group Warns on SUV-Car Bumper Alignment (AP via