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Helene is a phone, a PDA, a camera, a mobile email checker, and web surfer all in one. This little device helps keep me in-touch and well-organized. It can handle pretty much anything I throw at it. It has an unlocked bootloader and is rooted, so I can make it do pretty much anything I want it to.

  • Model: Google Pixel 3
  • SOC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
    • CPU:
      • 2.5ghz (eight-core) ARM64 v8.2-A
      • Geekbench 5 scores: 513 single, 2,026 multi
    • GPU:
  • RAM: 4gb LPDDR4X
  • Storage: 64gb (on-board storage)
  • Operating System: Google Android 10.0 (rooted)
  • Display: 5.5″ LCD at 2160×1080 resolution
  • Input Devices: Built-in touch screen
  • Carrier: Verizon LTE
  • Name Meaning: Reference to a small moon of Saturn that was discovered in 1980. As of this writing, it is the eighteenth of the sixty-two known moons of Saturn (and is co-orbital with the moon Dione). It takes its name from Helen of Troy from Greek mythology, who was the granddaughter of Saturn.

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  • ScottPod 2 (Apple iPod Classic [6G], iPod Classic Software 1.1)
  • ScottPod (Apple iPod 3G, iPod Software 2.3)