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Prometheus is a phone, a PDA, a camera, a mobile email checker, and web surfer all in one. This little device helps keep me in-touch and well-organized. It can handle pretty much anything I throw at it. It has an unlocked bootloader and is rooted, so I can make it do pretty much anything I want it to.

  • Model: Google/LG Nexus 5X
  • SOC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
    • CPU: 1.8ghz (six-core) ARM64 v8-A (Geekbench scores: 1,205 single, 2,633 multi)
    • GPU: 600mhz Adreno 418 (Geekbench score: 3,401)
  • RAM: 2gb LPDDR3
  • Storage: 32gb (on-board storage)
  • Operating System: Google Android 8.0 (rooted)
  • Display: Built-in 5.2″ capacitive LCD at 1920×1080 resolution
  • Carrier: Straight Talk GSM (AT&T network MVNO)
  • Name Meaning: Reference to a small moon of Saturn that was discovered in 1980. As of this writing, it is the fifth of the sixty-two known moons of Saturn. It takes its name from a Titan in Greek mythology who created mankind and is associated with fire.



Kore is a small tablet that runs Amazon’s custom version of the Android operating system. It is useful for reading, basic web surfing and email, watching movies, and so-on.

  • Model: Amazon Fire (5th Generation)
  • SOC: MediaTek MT8126D
    • CPU: 1.3ghz (quad-core) ARM v7-A (Geekbench scores: 449 single, 1,181 multi)
    • GPU: 600mhz ARM Mali 450 (Geekbench score: 807)
  • RAM: 1gb
  • Storage: 8gb (on-board storage) + 64gb (MicroSD)
  • Operating System(s): Amazon Fire OS 5.4 (based on Android 5.1)
  • Display: Built-in 7″ capacitive LCD at 1024×600 resolution
  • Name Meaning: Reference to a small moon of Jupiter that was discovered in 2003. As of this writing, it is the fifty-third of the sixty-seven known moons of Jupiter. It takes its name from the goddess Persephone of Greek mythology, who is also known as Kore or Cora. Persephone is a daughter of Zeus and is associated with vegetation, spring, and fertility.

Adam Selene

Adam Selene
Adam Selene

Adam Selene is an e-reader with capacity for hundreds and hundreds books and a battery life that lasts for many days at a time. The e-ink display is perfect for reading, and ‘feels’ much more like paper than a normal computer display. It also includes the ‘paperwhite’ LED lighting mechanism that allows for night reading without the eye strain you get from a traditional LCD display.

  • Model: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation)
  • Processor: Freescale ARM, 1ghz (ARMv6)
  • Memory: 1.25gb (on-board storage)
  • Operating System: Kindle 5.8 (custom Linux OS)
  • Display: Built-in 6″ gray-scale e-paper at 768×1024 resolution.
  • Name Meaning: Adam Selene is an alias of Mycroft Holmes, the sentient computer in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein.

ScottWatch 3

ScottWatch 3

I had owned two Pebble watches (and had an order in for a third) when Pebble went out of business. They refunded my money, but never delivered the product. Apple and Android smart watches are trying to be smartphones on your wrist, but Pebbles were a watch-with-benefits. That’s what I want. So I bought a Fitbit Blaze, which is fitness-oriented (though I am not), but it tells time and passes along notifications. And now that much of the Pebble team is at Fitbit, it might pick up some Pebble goodies as it goes. Maybe.

  • Model: Fitbit Blaze
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-M3, 48mhz (ARMv7-M)
  • Memory: 8mb (RAM)
  • Operating System: Fitbit Blaze Firmware 17.8
  • Display: Built-in 1.3″ LCD at 240×180 resolution
  • Name Meaning: Doesn’t really mean anything.


Nikon D3100
Nikon D3100

After many years on Canon ‘prosumer’ cameras, I finally made the leap to a full-fledged digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera—the entry-level Nikon D3100. This allows me to take relatively professional photos, at least as far as my limited talent will allow, and even help out with Melissa’s photo shoots as a backup now and again.

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Music Players

  • ScottPod 2 (Apple iPod Classic [6G], iPod Classic Software 1.1)
  • ScottPod (Apple iPod 3G, iPod Software 2.3)