For many years I have been a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). I am currently a permanent “Patron Member” of the organization.

The NRA is a venerable civil rights association that supports marksmanship skills, shooting sports, self defense rights, and firearm safety. In addition, it has lobbying and political action arms that advocate for candidates and legislation that support the individual human right to keep and bear arms. It has typically been quite effective, and I have been happy to support its efforts. I have made numerous donations to its gun safety programs, as well as to its political action committee.

Unfortunately, the NRA is now embroiled in a major internal crisis. There are claims of malfeasance, self-dealing, and other violations of the members’ trust. The association has failed to credibly respond to these claims. Until it cleans house, I cannot in good conscience continue to support the organization.

I will maintain my “Patron Member” status, which allows me the right to vote in NRA board elections, but I am suspending all other support until I am satisfied that the corrupt leaders have been removed and the other controversies have been resolved. Funds in support of the right to keep and bear arms will be directed to other organizations, including the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America.

Primary elections for the Democratic and Republican parties will be held on June 11, 2019. Off on a Tangent is making recommendations to party primary voters in each contested state- and federal-level primary race in Virginia, as well as those for Loudoun County local offices.

Political parties are private organizations that should not have any official standing in our political system, but Democratic and Republican primaries are held by the Virginia Department of Elections and are funded by Virginia taxpayers. The purpose of a party primary should be for members of that party to choose who will represent them on the general election ballot. Virginia, however, has an “open primary” system where any registered voter may vote in any one (but not more than one) primary each year.

This series of recommendations only applies to taxpayer-funded primaries. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are making some of their nominations at party conventions. The Libertarian Party, which currently qualifies as a major party under the Tangent style guide (section 10.70), nominates its candidates in party conventions and is not holding primaries.

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South Riding Proprietary
South Riding Proprietary

The South Riding Proprietary is a homeowners’ association (HOA) that acts as a defacto local government for the South Riding community in Loudoun County, Virginia. At the proprietary’s annual meeting on May 21, 2019, two seats on the Board of Directors are up for election. Members of the board serve three year terms. South Riding property owners may cast votes for these two board seats either by attending the annual meeting in person, or by submitting a proxy vote ahead of time. Proxy votes may be cast using paper ballots that were mailed to property owners, or electronically on the South Riding Proprietary web site.

The annual meeting must achieve a quorum (combining in-person attendance and proxy ballots) of at least ten percent of all South Riding property owners. If a quorum is not achieved, the meeting will be recessed for a period of less than thirty days. At the resumption of the meeting, a quorum of only five percent is required. The meeting may then be repeatedly recessed and resumed until the five percent quorum is achieved. The South Riding Board of Directors cannot seat members or perform any official work without a quorum.

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Toyota Prius

Things still remain strangely calm in the world of ugly cars. None of last year’s cars have been discontinued, but one—the Jeep Cherokee—went through a mid-cycle refresh and is now much less ugly than it was. This made room for the Fiat 500L to make its list debut.

The criteria for inclusion is pretty simple. I don’t include models that aren’t sold in the United States. I don’t include models that sell in very low volume (and volume is defined subjectively based on how many I see on the highways in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area). I don’t include exotic, military, or special-purpose vehicles—so no super-cars, tanks, or postal trucks. I also don’t include vehicles reserved exclusively for the commercial market, such as the persistently horrific Ram Promaster.

This list is my personal opinion. If you own one of the cars on this list . . . well . . . don’t take it (too) personally.

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I am running as an independent candidate for President of the United States of America.

The three main focus areas of my campaign are: human rights, federalism, and balanced budgets. A detailed review of these and many other issues can be found on the campaign web site.

Politicians, both Republican and Democratic, have married themselves to their respective party talking points. Many of these talking points are fundamentally misguided. Those that aren’t are, too often, just talking points. For example, the Republicans talk a lot about federalism and balanced budgets . . . but once they get power, the government keeps growing and the debts keep mounting. And Democrats talk a lot about human rights . . . but don’t seem to know what they are and often govern in a way that is directly opposed to them.

It’s time to get the United States of America back on track. No more hesitation. No more dissembling. No more partisan nonsense. No more lies. No more dumb excuses.

The campaign is managed by a registered campaign committee, Scott Bradford for President LLC (SCC ID S812506; FEC ID C00699330). It can accept donations and receive royalties on merchandise sales, and its funds may only be used for campaign purposes.

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