Honcho 2

Jeep J-10 'Honcho'
Jeep J-10 ‘Honcho’

After many years of wishing and longing, I have now obtained a classic Jeep J-10 pickup, which is in the process of being restored and rebuilt by Speedway Garage in Sterling, Virginia. When complete, this will be a reliable workhorse, not a show-car, and it will be spectacular.

  • Model: 1977 Jeep Pickup (J-10)
  • Trim: Model 25 401-4V, ‘Honcho’
  • Color: Classic black
  • Purchased: Used in 2016
  • Mechanical:
  • Manufacture:
  • Ratings:
    • Rated at 215 hp, 320 lb-ft torque
    • 10 MPG city, 12 MPG highway (EPA estimates for 1984 model)
    • Curb weight: 3,800 lbs (17.7 lbs/hp)
  • Customization:
    • (Restoration and rebuild in progress)
    • Utility
      • Class 3 trailer hitch
      • Jeep roll bar
      • Jeep grille guard
    • Performance
      • Four-wheel disc brakes
    • Electronic and radio equipment

The Big Mini

Countryman Side
Mini Countryman S All4

We retired the Honda Civic, the first car we ever bought new, and replaced it with the moderately versatile (and very fun to drive) Mini Countryman. It’s a fun little car and, unlike most of the rest of the Mini product line, it has all-wheel drive and enough space for four human beings.


2008 Trek 7100

Trek 7100
Trek 7100

This ‘hybrid’ is designed for road and paved trail but is more upright and comfortable than a traditional road bike. At a glance it looks basically like a mountain bike, but it has narrower/smoother road-style 700c tires and a more road-oriented geometry.

  • Model: 2008 Trek 7100 Hybrid
  • Frame: Alpha White Aluminum, 17.5″
  • Color: Blue and Silver
  • Tires: Bontrager Select Invert 700x35c
  • Drivetrain:
    • SRAM 3.0 Comp 7 speed Shifters
    • Shimano C102 front dérailleur
    • SRAM ESP 3.0 rear dérailleur
    • SR Suntour NEX-208 48/38/28 crank
    • Sun Race 13-34 cassette
  • Assembly: Spokes, Etc. in Ashburn, Virginia

2007 Schwinn Mesa

Schwinn Mesa
Schwinn Mesa

My Trek hybrid has served me very, very well, but it’s not designed for unpaved trails like the C&O Canal trail, Cross County Trail, or other unpaved paths in the D.C. metropolitan area. I decided, so I would have access to those trails, to pick up a decent, inexpensive mountain bike as a secondary bike for rougher riding.

  • Model: 2007 Schwinn Mesa
  • Frame: Schwinn Aluminum, Medium
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Tires: Kenda Klaw XT, 26″ x 2.1″
  • Drivetrain:
    • SRAM SX-4 Dual Trigger control shifters
    • SRAM 3.0 front dérailleur
    • SRAM SX-4 rear dérailleur
    • TruVativ X-Flow 42/32/22T crank
    • Shimano CS-HG30, 11/32T, 8-speed cassette
  • Assembly: Performance Bicycle in Fairfax, Virginia

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  • Cheap big-box store bicycles.