The Dean Disappointment

A great read from contributing editor Peggy Noonan at the Wall St. Journal opinion journal.

This is the best encapsulation of my feelings on the Howard Dean campaign that I’ve seen yet. It explains why he’s going to lose the general election if he gets the Democratic nomination (as he probably will).

  • The Dean Disappointment.

Among the Democratic contenders, there are some who would stand a chance in the general election. There are many who are generally respectable. Dean falls in neither category, in my humble opinion, and if the Democrats really want the White House they’d be wise to select somebody else in their primaries.

Mark my words ;-) and mark Peggy Noonan’s, her words probably have more weight than mine.

And some have asked about my endorsements . . . it’s WAY too early for that kind of talk. Once the Democrats select their candidate, I’ll make an endorsement from among the 2004 General Election contenders for the Presidency. Chances are it’ll be Bush, Dean, and some third-party people . . . but anything can happen between now and November, and my opinions are still forming.

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