More GMU insanity

Well, my respect for my school just got bumped down another notch.

On Tuesday, I have lots of classes. I have Religion at 9:00, Intro Journalism at 10:30, Management of Information Systems at 1:30, Computers and Communication at 4:30, and Gov’t and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa at 7:20.

I’m usually on campus from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m..

Today, even though the roads are still horrible, GMU did not cancel. Instead, they decided to open at 10:00. So I got to skip Religion.

Now, as has become the standard, Mason opened without bothering to do more than a token job of clearing the parking lots and sidewalks. Lawsuits waiting to happen, if you ask me. But fine, even though I would’ve canceled (Mason is a COMMUTER SCHOOL and the roads were really dangerous) I was ready to accept the inconvenience of most of a school day.

Then, as I went to my second class (which would usually be my third), I find out that they decided to close the school at 4:00.

So, in other words, I had to spend 30 minutes clearing my car and digging it out of plow-piles . . . then I had to drive across town on nearly solid ice with drivers who don’t understand the very basic concept of “SLOW DOWN, ROADS ARE SLIPPERY.” I had to hike across campus in freezing rain on uncleared sidewalks.

And I had to do it all for . . . TWO CLASSES!?!?!?!

Come on. They decided to open school, they should stick with the decision. It was a dumb decision, but the back-and-forth is crazy! Don’t make me waste half of my useful day for TWO WHOLE CLASSES.

The provost will be getting an email to this effect shortly.

Only 109 days, 109 days, 109 days.

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