Dear Abby Almost Falls for ‘Simpsons’ Spoof

Oh dear, I don’t know what’s more sad—that somebody took the time to write out a paraphrased Simpson’s episode and send it to “Dear Abby,” or that “Dear Abby” is so out-of-it with regard to pop culture that she didn’t notice.

This episode was in the first couple of seasons and has been replayed so many times in the, uh, DECADE since it first aired that I’d be surprised if anybody with even a passing interest in the show hasn’t seen it.

And if you don’t have even a passing interest in The Simpsons, you should get one. Some say it’s a bad influence and all that, but in fact it’s just smart comedy with good underlying values. If you say otherwise, you either haven’t seen an episode all the way through or you’re really, really, really dense.

  • Dear Abby Almost Falls for ‘Simpsons’ Spoof (AP via [no longer available]).

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