Kerry to be Democratic Nominee; DEAN WINS A STATE!

Senator John Kerry won all but one of the primaries in yesterday’s “Super Tuesday” contests, where ten states went to the polls to make their selections for the Democratic nomination.

Kerry’s strong victories in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island essentially ensure that he will be the Democratic nominee for the 2004 Presidential election in November.

Senator John Edwards, who made surprisingly strong showings earlier in the campaign, came in a distant second in most of the contests. Major media are reporting that Senator Edwards will be dropping out of the race.

Senator Kerry’s only loss in yesterday’s contests was a second-place showing in Vermont, which voted overwhelmingly for former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. (YEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!) Dean remains on the ballot, but is no longer actively campagning for the nomination and has not won in any other states.

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