Melissa Update; More

Those of you who know Melissa or read her LiveJournal may recall that she went in yesterday for some oral surgery (to remove four wisdom teeth and two molars). I haven’t had a chance to talk to her directly, but I have spoken to her mom and can report that the surgery went well and she’s recovering in Bedford.

Thought some of you might want to know.

I’m going to be heading down to Bedford this coming weekend, but will not have time to do much of anything. Mainly I’m going to be cleaning out my old room (which is an unbelievable mess) and having some kind of wedding planning meeting. Those two things are likely to take the entire weekend.

In other news, you probably read in Melissa’s LJ that she made me get a haircut and engagement photos late last week (only a year late!). The three that we picked out as our favorites (among the five or six that they took) are at the end of the little gallery in the All About Me section.

At the same time, I got new dress shoes (my old ones were faded and falling apart) and a new watch (the old one was also falling apart). The watch, in particular, is a very nice P. Peugeot model 289SB—normally $72, but Hechts had it marked down to $50 and then a store-wide discount brought it down to about $40.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on (and I probably will for a while) which means that Front Page Rants and so on are going to be few and far between through June (and I’m thinking it might be until the summer before I can really dive into redoing my music too). The wedding planning is starting to pick up and there are lots of things that I have to start really working on (making a semi-finalized guest list, tuxes, planning the honeymoon, finalizing the music, etc.). On top of that, I really want to get the poetry section up and running which is a big project. Most of my website-and-writing time (what little there is) will go into that for a while.

And you all are supposed to give me some feedback to my “Poetry Reorganization Plan” entry . . . come on, I’m waiting!

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