What I’ve Been Up To

Well, aside from the honeymoon planning (which I’ve already talked about), I’ve been busy with a lot of other things lately. My big non-wedding-related projects right now are the massive poetry reorganization (moving forward, ever-slowly), redoing the floor plan for my dream house (which, a few may have noticed, disappeared from the site in the v16 upgrade), and redoing my music demos (with all that fancy new equipment). All of these will be going up on the site one of these days, if I ever finish them.

But the big reason those projects are going so slow (and the big reason I haven’t been blogging much) is that the wedding is getting closer and closer by the day. In fact, May 28 is only four months (120 days) from tomorrow.

We have a tentative invite-list worked out, but I need to send out a mass-email soliciting current addresses from everybody on my list (keep an eye out of that before the end of the weekend) and then, once we have all that done, we can actually do the invitations. We have a pretty good idea of what company will do the cake and catering, but we have yet to actually meet with them and work it out and pick everything. Same for the rehearsal dinner restaurant. At some point I have to pick out a tux (any of you seen Saturday Night Fever?). We know how we’re going to do the music (read: NO DJs), but we still need an informal MC to click the right iTunes playlists at the right times. And those are just the big, obvious things!

In addition to all of those, there are lots of mundane indirectly wedding-related things to do. Like, for example, a lot of financial things—making sure we have the necessary credit lines to do everything we need to do, meeting with a financial advisor, and more! This part is largely my job.

But, as crazy as it all sounds, we’ve actually done a lot of what needs to be done. We have a location for the ceremony and reception (coincidentally, the same place!) and a general plan for the day itself. We have a photographer all lined up, and we have the honeymoon booked. We have the preacher and a semi-final list of people to invite. And, what things aren’t done yet, we have a pretty good idea of how we plan to do them. In other words, it’s moving along pretty well now.

The hard part is just keeping it all straight in my head along with everything else!

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