So it occurred to me as I was playing with the site yesterday that my last ‘Life’ entry was twelve days ago. So here’s a new one ;-).

The thing is that there aren’t a lot of new developments in the life area. Since Melissa’s been quite busy with her senior thesis project, much of the wedding planning has been on hold. Outside of that, I’ve just been trucking along with my regular activities—working, writing, poetry-organizing, churching, eating, and sleeping (although I do still have some of that pesky wedding stuff going on too).

This month has gone by oddly fast. It’s the 21st already, for God sakes! Last I was paying any attention, it was the beginning of February.

Anyway, I’ve got all sorts of ongoing projects but nothing moving too quickly right now. I’ve got a few opinion pieces I’m aching to write, some stories I want to get going, and a whole poetry section I’d like to get live. I still have not idea when or if these things are all going to get finished up, but I’m putting time into them whenever I have it.

So that’s where things stand . . . nothing too interesting right now.