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Happy Holy Week!

It’s been a busy few weeks, but things are going pretty well. I’ve gotten several big projects at work largely off my plate, Melissa and I have done a lot of wedding planning, I got my tires replaced and parking brake tightened, and more!

One thing at a time:

At work, a website that I manage largely on my own had to be entirely reorganized and redesigned. I don’t do the design work myself, but it was my job to take what our graphic designer had done and turn it into a fully-populated and working site. It took me most of my work hours over the last week or so. On top of that, there are a couple other ongoing redesign/reorganizations that I’ve been working on.

On the wedding front, we’ve gotten a lot done. We pretty much have the catering figured out (still need to finalize some things), we have a cake set up, we have ordered our wedding rings, the invitations are about to go out, and the honeymoon has been paid for (ie. charged to my credit card). There’s still more to do—for me, mainly tuxes and music—but it’s going well.

My car has needed two new tires for a while (I couldn’t afford to replace all four of them last year), so I finally took it in for that. I figured, since the place I usually get tires is an actual mechanic-place (Hogan & Sons, Fairfax), I’d have them look at my loose parking brake. The dealership said in December that I would need to replace my hand-brake ratchet for $215. Hogan & Sons adjusted the brakes to fix the problem for $45.


Today I need to get my state safety inspection (my ulterior motive for fixing the tires and hand-brake) and then hopefully that’ll be it for car expenses until I’ve paid off some of the wedding debts (although, with the new tires, it has become more evident that I need an alignment).

This weekend, I will be in Bedford for the holiday (and hopefully finishing up with my old room—that got interrupted last time). Because of the room-cleaning and holiday whatnot, I again won’t be able to see many of my friends from the area. Sorry! Maybe next time!

Anyway, I hope everybody is doing well! Have a great Easter, and don’t forget what this Holy Week is all about.

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