Vintage LHS Sentinal Columns Now Available

I’ve posted five opinion pieces (edited for grammar and clarity) that originally appeared in the Liberty High School Sentinel newspaper in spring 2000.

My Sentinel column—while pretty crappy in comparison to my recent work—was the predecessor to the pieces that continue to appear semi-regularly on this site today. My columns were popular mainly because I had the guts to criticize the school’s stupid policies (and one stupid Assistant Principal). I can’t tell you how many people came up to me after each newspaper hit the school to tell me that they were glad somebody had finally said it.

Regardless, the columns are worth reading for those of you who have an interest on how I got started doing these things. You’ll find them on the last page of ‘Opinion & Commentary’ in the ‘Nonfiction’ section.

Scott Bradford is a writer and technologist who has been putting his opinions online since 1995. He believes in three inviolable human rights: life, liberty, and property. He is a Catholic Christian who worships the trinitarian God described in the Nicene Creed. Scott is a husband, nerd, pet lover, and AMC/Jeep enthusiast with a B.S. degree in public administration from George Mason University.