Promotion; Apartment with [almost] no Windows

So the reason I’ve been so nutty/busy/tired lately is that I got a promotion at work. I’ve become the Content Manager overseeing development and content posting on the three DOD and Army websites that I’ve been developing on. Currently, I manage one temp and will be managing an intern when she arrives in a few weeks. Until I get the hang of all these new responsibilities, I’ll probably be spending my evenings trying to decompress.

In other news, I’ve essentially eliminated Microsoft Windows from my household. The two former-Windows machines (Q-Who and Dinky Thinkum) are both now running Ubuntu Linux. I’m still getting a few functions up and running, but overall the new system works great. I still have Windows 2000 SP4 in Virtual PC (on my Mac) for the increasingly-rare occasions when I need it (mainly for website testing).

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