A somewhat disturbing look into the mind of crazy-eyed runaway-bride Jennifer Wilbanks, who had to use money from a cell phone rebate and closing out an old account to go on her selfish, escapist journey across the United States. She didn’t she use her regular checking account because her mom handled that account!

Yes, Wilbanks, 32, is another ringing endorsement of parents coddling their adult children instead of setting them out on their own.

She originally intended to go to Austin, Texas, because she heard Matthew McConaughey talking on TV about how nice it was, but didn’t stop there because bus stations are in bad parts of town. She finally called her [former?] fiancé when she ran out of money in Albuquerque and made up a story about being kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

I wonder if you can buy bus tickets to mental institutions (one-way, of course) . . .

  • FBI: Bride ‘just wanted to disappear’ (AP via CNN.com [no longer available]).
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