Where are the Wedding Photos?

Melissa and I have been busy getting literally thousands of photos together, sorted, and uploaded so that we can share them with you. We’ve installed a gallery management system on the wedding website behind-the-scenes, but want to get a lot more organized and posted before we open it for business. There are about 1500 ‘official’ wedding photos from Bella that will need to be sorted (they should be arriving on CD soon), and Melissa is still trudging through about the same number of shots from the Honeymoon . . . so bear with us.

If you took pictures and want to share, you have two options. First, you can send me/hand me a CD with your pictures and I can post them along with the million others that will be on the wedding site. Second, you can post them somewhere else however you like and ask me to put a link on the wedding site (there are already two of those, if you haven’t noticed).

When the gallery is ready to go, it will be well linked and announced on the wedding site and Off on a Tangent. I have no clear estimate on when that will be yet ;-).

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