Man Shot in London Underground; May Have Been Terrorist

London police officers fatally shot a man on the London Underground this morning, and preliminary reports indicate the man may have been a new suicide bomber. This incident comes only a day after three failed bombing attempts in the system and one on a bus, and just over two weeks after more than 50 were killed in a similar, successful attack.

The man was shot five times shortly after boarding a train, and witnesses say that he was wearing a heavy coat. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the man was wearing a bomb belt, and may have been one of the bombers from yesterday’s attempt. Other unconfirmed reports indicate that the malfunctioning bombs from yesterdays attempt were similar or identical to those used successfully on July 7.

London officials have released photos of four suspects in yesterday’s attacks and have made one arrest. The man killed is not one of the men whose photos were released later in the day.

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