Employee of the Quarter? Etc.

My division at work (Information Sciences) had our quarterly meeting yesterday at a lounge in Rosslyn. This meeting is where we all hear from our division manager about how the group (and the company as a whole) is doing and what we intend to do in the future. To my surprise, it was announced during the meeting that I was one of two people selected as IS Division Employee of the Quarter. I’m humbled by the honor and appreciative of the recognition.

Aside from that, my week has been kinda bothersome. It’s not that there are any major bad things going on, it’s just that there have been a million little, tiny annoyances. Little things like part of the plastic piece that holds the sun visor in place snapping off and hitting me in the head as I drive down the Little River Turnpike in Annandale.

Sure, the little plastic thing is probably fairly cheap (I’ll stop by the my Chrysler dealership’s parts department soon to find out) and it just screws in with a single phillips-head screw (so I can do the ‘labor’ part of this car repair on my own), but there’s something inherently insulting about your car hitting you on the head with flying plastic.

Then, on the way to the meeting in Rosslyn yesterday, some guy (in an SUV) decided to make a right turn from the left lane. Problem is, I was in the right lane! I honked and floored the accelerator and the guy in the SUV—still without slowing down—completed the execution of his turn and missed the back-left of my car by probably three inches. Insane.

Anyway, despite the bothersomeness of late, things are actually going pretty well. I just haven’t been able to find the motivation to write more material for the site (it’s too hot out ;-)).

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