Sick and Tired (Literally)

So I started feeling a little crappy yesterday (a minor sore throat and general tiredness), and then woke up this morning feeling absolutely horrendous. The sore throat had gotten worse and had joined up with stuffiness, and intermittent cough, muscle aches, and a low-grade fever. w00t!

Needless to say I took a sick day (although I spent a good chunk of the day working from home), so it’s not eating up too much of my holiday/vacation/sick time).

Other than that, however, things are going pretty well. The young adult group at church had a get-together up in the mountains and we went swimming and had hamburgers. It was a ton of fun. I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on Website 17, and I’m tentatively planning to go live on this Friday (August 26). More on that as it develops.

That’s about it for now. I need to drink some orange juice and go to sleep.

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