Site Notice: Friday Afternoon Downtime

Even though I’m still under the influence of Dayquil, I am planning to launch the next version of Off on a Tangent with a new look and a new navigation structure beginning tomorrow afternoon (Friday, August 25). What this means is that some time around 4:00 p.m. ET tomorrow, this website will become unavailable for at least a couple of hours.

Because the new site is a drastic change from the current one and will require a lot of back-end changes in the content management system (CMS), Off on a Tangent may be down for longer than expected. Worst-case, it may not come back until some time on Saturday. I don’t expect any major problems, but with a major redesign there is always a chance something will go drastically wrong.

Visitors to the site during this time will receive a downtime message, and that message will be updated with the current status if things don’t go quite as I expected.

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