Meet Katia—My PowerBook G4

Thanks to everybody who submitted names (some of them came very close), but ultimately I decided on a name that I kinda stumbled across on my own. The new PowerBook G4, which arrived on Wednesday, will be known as Katia. See, Nadia had been my primary machine, but it was a desktop. Kitka was my notebook but was slow compared to Nadia. Put them together—a notebook serving as my main machine—and you have Katia.

Regardless, the machine has been excellent so far. All my data has been moved over (in fact, I turned Nadia over to Melissa today with emptied hard drives) and pretty much all the software is installed. It has gracefully handled everything I’ve thrown at it, the battery life is impressive (>4 hours, even with the wireless card running), the light-up keyboard is quite nifty in the dark, and I’m already hopelessly hooked on the two-finger scrolling feature in the trackpad.

Read on for specs and a picture ;-).


  • Precessor: Freescale G4 1.67ghz.
  • RAM: 1gb DDR2.
  • Hard Drive: 100gb (5400rpm)
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
  • Display: 15″ LCD at 1440×960 resolution.

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