Election 2005: Results


Ballot Races
Virginia Governor
Tim Kaine (D):51.72%
Jerry Kilgore (R):45.99%
Russ Potts (I):2.22%
Virginia Lt. Governor
Bill Bolling (R):50.47%
Leslie Byrne (D):49.32%
Virginia Atty. General
Creigh Deeds (D):49.95%
Bob McDonnell (R):49.96%
Virginia House, 35th
Jim Hyland (R):39.53%
Steve Shannon (D):60.43%
Ballot Issues
Fairfax School Bonds

  • Tim Kaine (D) has been elected to become the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Jerry Kilgore (R) conceded the election in a speech delivered at 10:30 p.m. from his campaign headquarters in Richmond.
  • Bill Bolling (R) has been elected to become the next Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Leslie Byrne (D) has conceded the election.
  • With all precincts reporting, Off on a Tangent can project that Bob McDonnell (R) has won election for Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia. McDonnell has declared victory, however Creigh Deeds (D) has not yet conceded and is pursuing a state-funded recount. McDonnell’s margin of victory is less than half of 1 percent.
  • Steve Shannon (D) has won reelection for the 35th District House of Delegates seat.
  • The Fairfax County Bond Issue (Schools) has passed.

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