I know I’m a day late on this (as I was last year), but it is time for the annual end-of-tackiness announcement. That’s right, as of 12:00 a.m. on Friday, November 25, 2005, it is no longer tacky to display Christmas decorations, play Christmas music, or do Christmas shopping.

If you did these things on Thanksgiving or before, you have done something very tacky (this goes for both individuals and businesses [including radio stations]). You should be more cautious next year.

If you did the tacky thing and started early, you should remove your Christmas decorations the same number of days before they become tacky again (January 1, 2006). So, if you put up your Christmas decorations two days early (Wednesday) you should take them down on December 30 or earlier to compensate.

Although many businesses and radio stations put their decorations up or music on while it was still tacky, they did much better this year than in the last. Perhaps we are finally seeing a backlash against the ‘Christmas all year’ trend.