Cingularly Experimental

Melissa and I have been thinking/planning a switch to Cingular Wireless (we are currently using Verizon) for an improved selection of phones, better data options, and rollover minutes—especially now that we can transfer our numbers between carriers. Our Verizon contracts are up early next year (I still have to look up exactly when), but we didn’t want to make the switch without some serious testing.

So, today we stopped by the Cingular store and signed up with one of their ‘GoPhone’ pay-as-you-go plans. We got a phone that Melissa likes, so if we decide to stick with Cingular we can transfer her number to it and I can just get a new one then (I’m looking at some kind of smartphone). She and I will be using the new phone on-and-off between the two of us for the next couple of months to make sure that Cingular has acceptable coverage in the places we go.

So if you get a call from a random 703 number, it may be one of us calling on the Cingular test phone.

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