It’s been one of those crazy weeks. Last weekend, we were in Bedford to celebrate Chinese New Year. Monday, the Honda was having its accessories installed and I was having some dental stuff done. Then the week went by in a busy, nutty kind of way (lots of work stuff, doing taxes [good-size refund!], etc.).

Once all that was done, we had another big travel weekend. Melissa’s brother was performing in a piano competition in State College, Pennsylvania, and we went to cheer him on and listen to his excellent performance. We left early yesterday (Sat.) on the ~4-hour drive and stayed overnight, returning this afternoon. With all these big trips, the car’s break-in period is over (it was wonderful to finally be able to use the cruise control) :-).

Oh, and why didn’t I write an analysis of the State of the Union address and response? In short, President Bush and Governor Kaine didn’t give me much to analyze. I’ve talked both party lines to death, and was hoping for something new to discuss. Anyway, I’m off to watch SuperBowl ads. If only I didn’t have to sit through all this Line Wrestling (my name for American Football) to see them. . . .