This article is about a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll that found that 46 percent of Americans have a negative view of Islam—an increase of 7 percent from a similar poll taken a few months after the 9/11/2001 attacks. The poll is interesting, and probably accurate, but I disagree in some places with the article. Claudia Deane and Darryl Fears try to make it sound like gullible Americans are having their opinions of Islam affected by negative media coverage. But the media, generally, is just reporting the facts.

While I have met many fine, upstanding Muslims, too many of their brethren worldwide have worked to create and reinforce this negative perception. Iraqi Muslims have been given the gift of freedom, and many responded with petty Shi’ite/Sunni infighting. Palestinian Muslims had an opportunity to engage in free elections and move toward peace in the Middle East, but they elected Hamas instead. Muslims worldwide responded to a few insulting Danish cartoons by burning embassies and killing one another.

Until peace-loving, intelligent Muslims actively reclaim their faith from these idiots, you can expect the negative perception to keep growing.