April Fools Site: ‘Off on a Tangent’ in Pink and Purple

On April Fools Day 2006, my site appeared in pink and purple hues and labeled as Katie Johnson: Off on a Tangent. This entry now includes the explanation given, two blog entries from “Katie”, and a link to the site as it appeared throughout most of the day on April 1.

‘Off on a Tangent’ Turned Over to Katie Johnson

Beginning today, the first day of April, Off on a Tangent will become Katie Johnson’s personal website. This change comes as Scott Bradford—who has managed the site since it began in 1995—transitions to a position as senior editor of

Katie is a 13 year old student at Langston Hughes Middle School in Reston, Virginia, and is expected to increase editorial focus on pop-culture and local gossip. Katie retains ownership of all previous Off on a Tangent content, but is expected to purge most socio-political items (in addition to remaining items specific to Scott) in the coming weeks.

Scott will remain on Off on a Tangent staff to advise and assist Katie until April 15, 2006, and he and Katie will both contribute content during this transition period. Effective April 15, the site’s URL will change to

Additionally, these two blog entries were posted:

Jeremy Asked Kiera Out! **OMG**

So, like, last night Janie had a party over at her house, and while we were there Jeremy asked Kiera out!!!!!! OMG theyre like SOOOOOOOO cute together, and I’m so happy they’re finally go out!!!

The party totally rawked too. mostly it was in the basement, but we watched ‘Maid in Manhattan” in the living room later on. Janies dad made us turn it off before it was over thogh, because he wanted to watch the news ***ICK***

anyways, me & Janie & Kierra are going to themall in a few to pick out dresses for the spring dance in 3wks, so I’ve got to get ready! I’m going to wear my new hoodie from Express!!


So like I go to teh mall with Janie& Kiera, and it was like dead. there was nobody there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a total waste of time and we were totally borrrrrrrrredddd.

so we decided 2 go to the dollar theater and we watched “Big Mommas House 2”. .. it was k, but not so great. But we saw some guys from school that were pretty cuuueteeee! One of them looked just like Ace on Amerrican Idol & he is so dreamy :)))

My dad watches Idol—don’t know why, and he likes Taylor. He’s okay I guess, but so wierd!! I really want Ace to win. Paris is k too.

anyways thats all for now. I need to work onn the website and get rid of all this stupid stuff about Scott. UGh, none of it is about important stuff that real people wantto read! Its all stupid politics and stuff, and all these stupid pictures & articles &quotes & crap have GOT 2 GO.

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