I’ve been making some minor site updates over the past few days (not enough to bump the version number—still at 17.2). The changes will slightly improve readability and also affect some legacy content. Here are the changes:

  • Added a light gray border to the breadcrumb/pathway links to increase contrast.
  • Added a thicker row border and alternating background to content tables.
  • Added and rearranged legacy content (primarily school papers) to make sure they’re in correct categories and presented appropriately (including a note about which class each paper was written for).
  • [updated 5/12] Improved display of the poll results page in standards-compliant browsers. The IE problem on the poll results page appears to be fixed.
  • [updated 5/6] Opera (Mac OS X/Linux/Windows) in no longer a supported browser. Opera is used by significantly fewer than 1 percent of my visitors and has many un-fixed rendering bugs. I recommend Opera users switch to Safari or Firefox.