Site Notice: Scheduled Weekend Down-Time [Updated]

Our hosting provider, PowWeb, got bought out by another company earlier this year. As part of the management and technology change, all PowWeb customers are having their sites migrated to an improved server environment.

The good news is that this should improve responsiveness and uptime for our sites. The bad news is that Off on a Tangent will go down this weekend while I move it through the migration process and make sure everything works correctly on the new server (Melissa’s site should come over with zero-effort; mine requires some extra hand-holding since it’s managed using a content management system & database).

I expect to kick-off the migration Friday afternoon (after 3pm). If all goes smoothly, the site should be back up no later than noon on Saturday. If things go terribly wrong, I still hope to have things back to normal before the end of the weekend. Worst-case, I can roll back to the current server and try again some other time ;-).

UPDATE 7/1: The site was down about 2.5 hours longer than expected, but things seem to be up and running now. Please let me know if you find any problems!

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