April Fools Site: System 6

On April Fools Day 2007, my site appeared in black and white and labeled as Scott Bradford’s System 6. This entry now includes the explanation given and a link to the site as it appeared throughout most of the day on April 1:

Today, the first day of April, I’m proud to announce the launch of System 6 (Website 18.4), which brings this web site compatibility with the cutting-edge ‘Macintosh’ computer from Apple. The Macintosh, with 128kb of RAM, 3.5″ floppy drive, graphical interface, and a unique new device called a ‘mouse’, is the harbinger of things to come in the computer industry and I’m very happy I was able to make this site compatible with it and it’s crisp monochrome bitmap display. With these kinds of high resolution graphics becoming available to the general public, the ‘World Wide Web’ might actually take off in the next ten or fifteen years!

View the site as it appeared on April 1.

Some aspects of ‘April Fools Site: System 6’, particularly the Mac startup sound, are copyright © Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. Used under fair-use provisions of copyright law. The remainder is copyright © 2007 Scott Bradford Creative Enterprises. All rights reserved. This content is not licensed under any Creative Commons license.

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