A day late and a dollar short, I know, but I caught this article by Paul Moreno in the Wall St. Journal’s Opinion Journal yesterday and found it quite interesting as a Labor Day read. I am no fan of organized labor these days—seems to me that most unskilled industrial workers are grossly overpaid, which leads to business bankruptcies and downsizing, which hurts the ‘working class’ a lot more than it helps (see the U.S. auto industry). But the unions blithely press on, seemingly unaware how counterproductive their demands really are. Regardless, unions—the inexplicable darling of the political left—have a sordid history of corruption (which everybody knows about) and racial discrimination (which many, myself included, didn’t know about).

  •  Affirmative Action’s Strange Career: Look for the Union Label (OpinionJournal.com; free email registration may be required).