On the Move; Busy, Busy

It’s a busy time for Melissa and me. Among a million small things, there have been quite a few big things happening—a wedding, an art show, and moving to a new apartment. These all pretty much happened this weekend (which we extended to four days so we would have time to get everything done). Friday we were off work in preparation for our move, got our new driver’s licenses (with the new addresses; they were about to expire anyway), and got our new Smart Tag/E-ZPass transponders for the cars (since we’ll be commuting on the Dulles Toll Road now), and did more packing.

Everything went pretty well, but I got a bit annoyed at the DMV. When we went in, we told them that we were renewing our licenses AND changing our addresses. The woman gave us our numbers and told us to just write the new address on the renewal forms we already had.

We did, then Melissa got called up. She went up and all went well (though they made her fill out another form they hadn’t told us about, which took a couple minutes, but they handled the whole thing all at once). With me, however, they called me up, the woman I got gave me a lecture on how “you people need to fill out a change of address form to do that”, ignored my statement that “they told me I just needed to do this five minutes ago”, handed me the new form, gave me a new number, and told me to go fill out the form and they’d call me again . . . and they did, after another 20 minute wait. So I had to wait in an automated number-queue twice to do what I came to do.

Yesterday [Saturday], we were at a co-worker’s wedding. Melissa was the photographer, so she got quite a workout (and we were there from an hour before things started—10 a.m.—until everything finished at about 5:30 p.m.). Congrats to Willie and Jessica!

Today [Sunday], the madness continued. Melissa is doing an art show in Arlington, so I had to drive her to that early in the morning. After getting her squared-away at the show, I headed home (I went the long way to test out the Smart Tag/E-ZPass on the toll road—it worked!) to finish packing my office. I did most of that on Friday but still had another box-and-a-half to pack up. Then I disassembled my huge desk into small enough pieces to fit in our Mazda Tribute.

Tomorrow [Monday] is the big, big, big move day. We are off work again, and we’ll spend pretty much the whole day moving our stuff to the new apartment. Our hope is to get everything (or very close to everything) done tomorrow as far as actual moving, but we don’t have to be out of the old place until the 30th so there’s no huge rush or anything if we end up running behind schedule. Either tomorrow or some time later in the week—depending on how the moving goes—we’ll do the final cleanup at the old place so we don’t lose any of our deposit. Thorough cleaning, nail-hole filling, and so-forth. Joy.

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