Browser Screenshot Bonanza

This will likely be of no interest to you unless you’re a nerd (so apologies in advance to my non-nerdy readers). As many of you know, I endeavor to make this site compatible with every major, current web browser—and even a few non-major, non-current web browsers—to ensure that you can enjoy my site no matter your platform or browser preference.

For every major revision of my site, I check it in all of the supported browsers to make sure it works as-expected. To do this, I need to run multiple desktop operating systems on my MacBook Pro (using both Parallels Desktop and Q [Mac Version of QEMU]). In addition, I check the site on two real mobile phones (running Windows Mobile 6 and Palm OS 5.4) and several phone development emulators on my computer (Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and OHA Android).

This isn’t new. What is new, however, is screenshots of the site in all supported browsers are now linked from supported browser list on the About the Site page. I only did one shot per browser, so multi-platform browsers (like Firefox) get one screenshot (usually from Mac OS X) as a representative sample. The only screenshot I couldn’t get was of Blazer in Palm OS 5.4 (the screen capture apps kept crashing the phone), so I just took a photo of the phone and cropped it down—that’s why it’s a lower quality shot than the rest.

Nerds, rejoice.

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