Regular Posting (!!), Site Tweaks, and Shooting

It’s amazing; I’ve been making regular postings since the new site went live on April 1. I know I’ve been extremely lax in my posting for a while, and I really wanted to get back into a regular cycle. I’m not making any promises yet, but my target is a five-posts-per-week average. Wish me luck.

Speaking of the site, I’ve made a number of minor tweaks between the 4/1 launch and today. Most of them are probably invisible and unimportant to most users (like the site now passing the W3C XHTML and CSS validators), but I’m making occasional visible tweaks too so keep an eye out. If you find anything goofy or have any thoughts or recommendations, please email me or leave a comment.

Outside of site stuff, life is good and busy like usual. Melissa and I have decided to learn to shoot, so we’re going to be taking an introductory pistol class at a local range in May. Should be fun! I’ve been making good use of my First Amendment rights for years, I figured it was time to start making good use of my Second Amendment rights too!

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