Hosting Change; Significant Performance Improvement

Forgive me for posting two ‘site’ postings in a row, but I’ve been hard at work quietly getting the site moved to Dotster, our new hosting provider (and long-time domain registrar). The move went smoothly and everything seems to be working fine. Dotster’s servers are known for being much more speedy and reliable than the servers at PowWeb, our previous host, so you should notice significant improvements in site performance.

One-by-one, Melissa and I are moving all of our web sites over to Dotster. Pretty much everything except Melissa’s is done already, and tying the rest up is my project for the weekend (working out some minor kinks with the host before I dive into moving Melissa’s site). Enjoy!

Update April 27—We’ve completed the move and all of our web sites are now hosted on Dotster. Additionally, I performed some long-overdue maintenance on Melissa’s store (poke poke).

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