Seeing the Old Car

So an interesting thing happened on the way home from church a couple weeks ago. As we were driving back to the apartment, we saw a car that looked eerily familiar: a late-1990s Chrysler Cirrus in red with an Apple sticker evenly-spaced between the tail lights. A closer inspection revealed the same miscellaneous scratches and dents that I was once so familiar with.

Yes, for the first time I saw one of my old cars . . . more than a full year after trading it in, no less. It was a bit of an eerie feeling seeing a complete stranger driving the first car I ever bought on my own. It was even eerier feeling a twinge of vehicular protectiveness when I saw he had run into something and damaged the hood (a hood which had already been replaced once by my insurance company).

In a strange coincidence, the gentleman driving it pulled in to our apartment complex (apparently visiting, since there was no resident sticker in the window). After he pulled into a spot, we started feeling a little weird following him around so we abandoned the chase—but not after Melissa snapped a picture on her camera-phone to document the event!

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