Springing Into Action

The pastor of our church is a trained and certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), which is pretty cool if you ask me. After church this morning, I and several other churchgoers gathered for a Staff-Parish Relations Committee meeting (we’re sorta like the church’s HR department). Afterward, as we were headed out to our cars, we heard a God-awful crash from the nearby intersection of Fairfax County Parkway and Franklin Farm Road.

Almost before it even registered with me that I had just heard a car accident, Pastor Rob was in his car heading over to check it out. I ran over myself on the off-chance that I could render some useful assistance (I couldn’t—Rob already had it well under control—but I did get to answer Rob’s cell phone for him while he was occupied, lol!).

A woman in a Jeep Grand Cherokee making a left turn from Franklin Farm Road onto the Parkway had been t-boned by Toyota Corolla going straight on Franklin Farm in the opposite direction. Both drivers gave conflicting reports to the police—the woman in the Jeep said she had a green arrow, while the man in the Toyota claimed he had a green light. No witnesses who actually saw the accident bothered to stop, so I couldn’t tell you who was lying. The man in the Toyota had a minor burn on his arm from the airbag deployment, but he was otherwise just fine. The woman in the Jeep seemed to be pretty much okay too, but I think they took her to the hospital to be sure (I’m not sure about this, since I left before they did).

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