So I’ve already talked a little bit about our new Smith & Wesson model 620 revolver, which we got last weekend. Melissa and I each tried it out soon after buying it just to get familiar with it, but today I made my first ‘real’ trip to the range with the intent of gaining some skill with the weapon.

I’m actually not doing too bad. The first target is 21 rounds of .38 Special ammunition at a distance of seven yards. The second target is another 21 rounds at seven yards, but this time with the more-powerful .357 Magnum ammunition. I have more experience with the .38s, and they’re a bit easier to handle when compared to the .357s (which have quite a kick to them), but if the target had been a bad guy I think I would have gotten him pretty good either way.

Most people I’ve talked to recommend practicing with the .38 Special rounds, since they’re easier to shoot and a lot cheaper, but keeping more-expensive .357 Magnum rounds in the gun when you’re using it for personal/home protection since those rounds have a lot more stopping power.

Anyway, I had a good hobby-day today. I spent an hour at the shooting range, then did a 20-mile bike ride. Best of all, we didn’t have to visit the emergency room today ;-).