Setting Concrete Goals

I’m learning that it’s best to set concrete, rather than nebulous, goals. For example, I’ve said many times before that I meant to write ‘more’ content for this web site. It wasn’t until I committed myself to an average of at least five entries per week that things finally changed. For some reason, a goal of five entries per week was easier to reach than a goal of ‘more’ entries.

When I bought my bike last year, I said I was going to get back into riding. Well, I sorta did. I did a few rides of 10 miles or longer before the weather turned too cold (having bought the bike at the end of the season) but then failed to pick it back up when the weather turned nice again. My bad. Well I finally went back out last week, and I apparently haven’t lost my ability (thank God). I did a 10-mile ride on Thursday evening, then a 20-mile ride on Saturday. It didn’t take a lot out of me, so now I’m setting a personal, concrete goal of riding at least 30-miles per week.

I figure that’s only a three-hour commitment (roughly) in the week, which can be met with three 10-mile rides or one 30-mile ride or any other combination. That gives me flexibility, but it is a concrete target. Let’s see how it works out.

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